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Utilities, calculations and raw materials information

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24 carats = 1000.00 thousandths
22 carats = 916.67 thousandths
20 carats = 833.33 thousandths
18 carats = 750.00 thousandths
14 carats = 583.33 thousandths
12 carats = 500.00 thousandths
9 carats = 375.00 thousandths
8 carats = 333.33 thousandths

1 troy ounce = 31,1035 grams
1 troy pound = 373,2419 grams
1 inch = 2,54 centimeters
1 micra = 0,001 milimeters

Carats Thousandths

24 carats are equivalent to 1,000 thousandths

Troy ounces Grams

1 ounce troy is equivalent to 35,1035 grams

Troy pounds Grams

1 pound troy is equivalent to 373,2419 grams

Inches Centimeters

1 inch is equivalent to 2.54 centimeters

The carat is also used in gemology as a unit of weight.
1 carat = 0.20 grams

Formula to LOWER THE THOUSANDTHS of an ingot

Knowing the weight and the ingot legal standard of fineness, calculate the amount of alloy that must be added to obtain the desired legal standard.

Ingot weight: grams
Fineness legal standard: thousandths
Fineness to be obtained: thousandths

It is necessary to add grams of alloy,
and we'll get an ingot of grams
with a legal standard of fineness thousandths.

Formula for RAISING the grade of an ingot

Knowing the weight and grade of an ingot, you can calculate the amount of fine gold to be added to it to obtain the desired grade.

Ingot weight: grams
Ingot grade: thousandths
Grade to be obtained: thousandths

Add grams of fine gold,
and you will get an ingot of grams
with a grade of thousandths.

Calculation of the weight of a piece in different carats and silver

The 750-thousandths (18-carats) gold piece weighs: grams.

(*) This weight is approximate because it depends on the percentage of each metal used in the alloy.

Density and melting point of metals

Pure metalDensityMelting point
Gold (Au)19.321,064º C
Silver (Ag)10.49962º C
Platinum (Pt)21.451,772º C
Palladium (Pd)12.021,554º C
Rhodium (Rh)12.401,962º C
Coper (Cu)8.961,083º C

Density is the weight in grams of a cubic centimeter of that metal.

To calculate the weight of a sheet, ingot or block, its dimensions are multiplied in centimeters by its density:
Length x Width x Height x Density

Specific weights

of some metals
Aluminum (Al)2.56
Zinc (Zn)6.86
Coper (Cu)8.85
Silver (Ag)10.50
Palladium (Pd)11.40
Rhodium (Rh)12.10
Gold (Au)19.26
Platinum (Pt)21.15
of gold alloys
917 mm (22 carats)17.82
875 mm (21 carats)17.10
750 mm (18 carats)15.34
583 mm (14 carats)13.04
417 mm (10 carats)11.70
375 mm (9 carats)10.82
333 mm (8 carats)10.75

The specific weights of the alloyed gold are approximate, depending on the proportion of metals used in the alloy.

750-thousandths colour gold: Percentage of alloy over fine gold

Yellow gold16.00%17.33%-
White gold16.00%5.33%12%
Rose gold11.00%22.33%-
Red gold-33.33%-
Green gold33.33%--

These percentages are only for guidance. Each jeweler can apply its own ratio based on the desired color, the metal hardness, etc.

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